Video: Bride and Groom Fall Off the Back of Getaway Car.

The story isn’t as bad as it seem, Bride and Groom attempting to drive off to their happily ever after instead fell flat on their backs — literally. Neither the bride nor groom were hurt and flew away on their honeymoon the next day — with both of them now finding the situation, entirely caught on video, absolutely hilarious. Here’s the story..

At the close of their wedding, bride Hana Haka Noland and her new husband Tyler Noland perched on the back seats of a convertible and waved goodbye to their guests. But as the car pulled away, the newlyweds go flying out the back. Hana, before the vehicle took off, is seen throwing her hands in the air and can be heard screaming at the driver, “Leggo Dave!” It takes a few moments for the whole thing to register with the guests, who seem to stand among the pair in total disbelief.

“It’s been a few weeks, we can look back at this and laugh,” Hana wrote on Facebook. “After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? Thankfully no one was hurt and we love Dave so much.” She added the hashtags #LEGGODAVE #HowNotToExitAWedding #StillTheBestWeddingEver #FastForwardOneMinute #FeelFreeToShare #AlwaysWreckinEm. Since being shared, the footage has racked up about half a million views on YouTube. see video below..