BBNaija. If they put Efe and Big Brother up for eviction, Efe Wins.

True or False? BBNaija. If they put Efe and Big Brother up for eviction, Efe Wins.

The Big Brother Nigeria reality Tv show is still on but a lot of people think they already know who will turn out victorious. Judging by the trend in the various media outlets, Efe is warming up to cart away with the prize money of N25m as the winner of BBNaija. His supporters are numerous ranging from top Nigerian celebrities and even children and suckling. Some even find it insulting to compare Tboss to Efe claiming that Tboss doesn’t stand a chance.

This even made popular comedian with Akpororo with his crazy sense of humour to chip into the matter. According to him, on updates he made on both his twitter and facebook pages, ‘If you put Efe and Big Brother up for eviction Efe will still win.’ Lol! This guy won’t stop tormenting us with laughter. The statement has gone somewhat viral but the meaning is deep: Efe doesn’t have a contender anymore. He’s already the sure winner.

Efe’s mum even took to air to shower blessings and prayers and thanks on Nigerians for their support for her son in a viral video. With Efe’s massive fans Its Evident, IF YOU PUT EFE AND BIG BROTHER UP FOR EVICTION, EFE WILL STILL WIN. TRUE OR FALSE?

Still On The Big Brother Naija show lets see how it ends… Stay Tuned.