Impressive! Nigerian Lady shares Photos & story of weight loss

Now, here’s one inspiring person you have to know about, Pictured above is a before and after photo of Busola Jones, and yes she used to be that FAT (Left)…Till she decided to place herself on a weight loss program. weight loss 5

Busola lost 49kg in 9 months and says all she did was cut carbohydrates from her diet and feed on proteins all day, she lost 18kg in 2 weeks after she cut rice off her diet. Second, she drank lots of tea and third, drank lots of water.

weight loss 3

*disclaimer..don’t read if you have fat phobia* Yes look again, that really was me!
When my mum passed, food became my bestie. It became my comfort in the darkest times I’ve ever experienced and I wish on no one else. I ballooned up to 118kg(260pounds)! But glory be to God, the Holy Spirit manifested and I’ve lost a whopping 49kg (108pounds) in the last 9months.
So this is dedicated to all the mofos who ever told me I couldn’t do it, called me fat, ugly, the designated ugly fat friend, orobokibo, dirty, gorrodome, iya basira, fat f***, whale, said eww I can never date her, move you’re blocking the fine girl jor, for food only, you will never find a husband you fat pig, you will always be a fatty, jiggled my stomach and laughed in my face….well, I still have a bit left to go but I just wanted to say a gigantic collective…..f*** you kindly!!
And also to motivate anyone who thinks they can’t, trust me (cheesy as it sounds) I’ve been there and I assure you it’s very possible with perseverance. Don’t listen to the hurtful things people say without sparing your feelings, they are just ignorant inconsiderate fools. Don’t cry, don’t let it become your story…Just don’t give up!!
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Now…Busola Jones Looks all trimmed down..and beautiful! more photos below…
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